A Lively Q&A with Margarita Pracatan:

How did you become a star in the U.K.?
Because I use to have and esteel I have my show on Channel 56 Public Access. The Clive James people from England saw me. They call me and say I should send my video to him. I sent it and they called me back to do a satellite interview. I say, “I don’t want to go to the moon.” They said no, in your house. We did it and they invite me to England. I told them, “You pay, I fly with my key board.” They loved me and I stayed for 3 years. I’m happy that they still don’t get enough of me and esteel they invite me. I just came back from Earland, Ireland, whatever they call it. It’s fantastic! And Espain and England!

How old are you?

Uo oh!! No No!!! I am over 21. Old enough to do whatever I want. I only give my age when it’s a very formal business.

How did you come up with your fashion sense?

What you mean? My dresses? Because I like everything to be bright. I like the sun, the stars. I like diamonds. I like looking like a Christmas tree and make people happy when they look at the stage. I don’t look ridiculous, I look shining and unique.

Why do you like boas so much?

Because they’re feathers and I like to be free and fly like a bird. They give me power. You see I am free, like a feathers.

What is a normal day like for you when you’re not on stage?

What I do on my leechur time? You mean when I am not on the stage?

The first thing is I have a shower and my espresso. And I like to know what is on the news. I like to go to the park and to do my exercise at the gym. I love New York and so I go out everyday to see what is going on - like a tourist – even after so many years. I love happy hour because I don’t like to cook so I have appetizers and drinks, two for one. I also like to practice my piano and play my music very loud.

What is your favorite color and why?

First of all I like red because red is life, blood and the color of everybody’s heart. Second I like purple because purple is royalty and elegant.

I hear you are really good at making people feel good. What do you say to people who are feeling sad to help cheer them up?

I say listen today may be your last day so you better enjoy your life and go out and walk around and play some music or something. And if that doesn’t work they better go out and have some drinks because maybe that is the only day they have to live. And don’t go to the doctor, I tell them, because the doctor will kill you. So enjoy, what the heck!

How do you feel about sex before marriage?

I think is like when you are going to buy a candy store. You can’t buy the whole store but at least you want to try a few samples so you won’t be disappointed later. So I say put on a condom and try it because once they’re married it’s forever – evah and evah. So...

What about sex after marriage?

They have to keep it like a fireplace. All the time you have to added up new wood otherwise the whole thing goes bye-bye. All the time you are supposed to have some excitement in marriage. And you have to look good – not like trash. They are supposed to have a date and go to a motel and a hotel and make it believe that “wow, we just find each other.”

My husband travels a lot on business. Should I trust him to behave while he’s away from home?

Of course. You have to because now if the men go fooling around they can bring diseases. They go out to get the money so you have to trust. Love they call it trust. You have to trust.

Describe your ideal man.

I like it somebody like Tom Sellers (Tom Selleck). Big, tall intelligent, with a big mustachio, and with money! With money, very important! I think they have a lot of Tom Sellers walking around a lot in this world.

Describe your ideal dinner.

I like lobster! I like salmon and after that, when I finish, is Gran Marnier with cheesecake. But I like the lobster if someone will destroy it for me first, already cut, and that someone will pay for it too!

Describe your ideal vacation.

Ahhhh! I want to go to Hawaii! But if I can’t afford to Hawaii I like it in South Beach because in South Beach I can go to many clubs, restaurants and The Delano. That’s nice. Because I don’t like to be on the beach but I like to look at the ocean and I can have my drinks and be loud and laugh with the people.

You’ve had many jobs before becoming famous. What was your favorite of all and why?

Oh, when I was counter manager with fragrances at B. Altman’s, in New York, many years ago. So elegant and the people would come, talk and we would go out to dinner, lunch. Very sociable. I would get up in the morning and get ready but it didn’t feel like for work. Just to go out and have fun. That was really, really nice.

How do you stay in such great shape?

Ohhh! Thank you!!! Because I do lot’s of exercise and walk a lot and even though I don’t have such a great shape I still feel I look good. I always am doing something. I love to walk and to dancing. Sometimes I walk all the way from the Upper West Side to the Village and have margaritas there!

How do you choose what songs to sing?

Depend on the word, the things that happen to me in the past or in the present. That is how I choose the songs. They have to be real. I am a big survivor so I like “I Will Survive.” “Copacabana” because it reminds me of Cuba. “Hello” because everybody says hello and I say “Hi honey, you are looking for me?”

When will you retire?

Whyyyyy? Ohhhh!! Noooo!!! None of your business!!!! I retire every night that I go to my bed and when I wake up I go straight to my knees and thank God for giving me the chance for one more day.

Margarita’s Favorite Ways to say Good-bye:

“Youu arrrre gorrrrgeaous baybee!”

“Be happy, what the heck!”

“Oh babyeee I love you, from the bottom of my heart!!”

“I love you…Pracatan!”