THE CLIVE JAMES SHOW Margarita Pracatan is one of the U.K.'s most unique performers and most popular evening talk show guests. This hilarious disco diva/comedienne ignites television audiences with her brash humor, delivered in a delightfully rolling Cuban accent, while her unusual renditions of pop hits become instant cult favorites. The story of her quick rise from beloved New York City cable television celebrity to the status of cult figure in Britain is an inspiring tale that has already become the subject of a BBC-produced documentary. Born in Cuba, Margarita grew up surrounded by a close family of seven children. Her mother was a school teacher and her father was a union labor leader. Margarita was expected to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a school teacher after graduating from college but instead she chose to run off and pursue her show business dreams in New York City. However, it wasn't until many years later, after she had entered into a brief marriage that ended in divorce and successfully raised a daughter, that Margarita was finally able to bring her musical and comical talents to the stage. The years between Margarita's arrival in New York and the moment when she became an instant celebrity after a live appearance on British television were full and eventful. There were exciting love affairs that would eventually provide material for future comedy routines; there were not so thrilling jobs behind the perfume and makeup counters of some of New York's most fashionable stores where Margarita sharpened her wit and charm against her celebrity clients; and there was always the stage at the local clubs she frequented where she could always manage to wrangle the microphone away from an unsuspecting performer or join in on a song. But it wasn't until Margarita brought her unique brand of entertainment to the airwaves of Manhattan Cable Telelvision in the form of "The Margarita Pracatan Show" that she really hit her show business stride. "The Margarita Pracatan Show" featured highlights of Margarita's live nightclub act, complete with brilliant comedy improvisations and her salsa flavored, barely recognizable renditions of pop anthems like "Hello" and "I Will Survive." Producers of Britain's "The Clive James Show" discovered her show while channel surfing during a visit to New York and invited Margarita to appear live via satellite on their well-known evening talk show. Her hilarious interview with the show's host generated such a huge response from the television audience that Margarita was invited back to perform again and again until she became a regular featured artist on the weekly show. With her show business career finally underway, Margarita released two well-received CDs - "Margarita Pracatan - Live in Edinburgh" and "It's Time to Party" while continuing to perform on some of the most prestigious stages in the U.K. and Australia including Prince Albert Hall in London. As her fans throughout the world already know, Margarita Pracatan is a glittering one woman show who draws audiences in with the flick of a feather boa and an open invitiation to join the show.